As it is known, His Royal Highness Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman visited Türkiye on June 22, 2022, with a high-level delegation of Ministers and businessmen.

In the delegation of the Honorable Crown Prince, Saudi Arabian Minister of Trade and Information Dr. Majid Bin Abdullah Al Kasabi and Minister of Investment Khalid Al Falih also took part. 

Upon his visit, our Minister of Trade, Mr. Mehmet Mus, held bilateral meetings with the abovementioned Ministers. 

With this meeting, the «Turkish Export Products Trade Fair» idea has born.


Seal the deals

Opportunity to come together as companies and make multiple deals


Expand your company’s network by providing face-to-face meetings.

Live Product

Multiple opportunities to market your products live.

Create lasting

Creating memorable collaborations


Covering a wide-ranging ecosystem, Turk Expo Riyadh, exhibition will give small businesses and companies the opportunity to introduce themselves and their products, as well as large companies. Within the scope of the exhibition, exporters will have the opportunity to meet with many importers and buyers while introducing themselves with the projects they presented during the exhibition.

1,000 m2


Turkish Wood Products

Turkish Toys

Turkish Towels

Turkish Tobacco

Turkish Textile

Turkish Tea

Turkish Stones

Turkish Steel Pipe

Turkish Steel

Turkish Spices & Herbs & Forestry

Turkish Software

Turkish Ships & Yachts

Turkish Services

Turkish Rubber

Turkish Plastics

Turkish Pasta

Turkish Paint

Turkish Packaging

Turkish Olive & Olive Oil

Turkish Minerals

Turkish Metal Products

Turkish Machinery

Turkish Lubricants

Turkish Leather Products

Turkish Kitchenware & Houseware

Turkish Juice

Turkish Jewellery

Turkish Hvac-R

Turkish Horeca Equipment

Turkish Home Textile

Turkish Healthcare

Turkish Hazelnut

Turkish Hardware

Turkish Greenhouse Systems

Turkish Grain

Turkish Glass

Turkish Furniture

Turkish Fruit & Vegetables

Turkish Frozen Products

Turkish Flowers

Turkish Electromechanics

Turkish Dried Fruits & Nuts

Turkish Defence & Aerospace

Turkish Cosmetics

Turkish Consumer Durables

Turkish Constructions Materials

Turkish Confectionery

Turkish Coffee

Turkish Citrus

Turkish Ceramics

Turkish Cement

Turkish Casting

Turkish Carpet

Turkish Canned Products

Turkish Bulgur

Turkish Automotive

Turkish Arts & Entertainment

Turkish Apparel

Turkish Animal Product & Seafood


Physical Exhibition

– Huge networking opportunities with other stakeholders within your industry,
– Learn about the latest trends and challenges in the industry,
– Keep up to date with the latest technological and market developments
– Study competitor activity,
– Choose and assess suppliers of new products/technology,
– Compile and add to an information database,
– Compare one product with another,
– The exhibition can give you a different insight into your own business and operations, either by what you see and hear, or the discussions you have with others in the industry.
– Share business cards.

  • Target Group

To meet with national and international purchasing committees and professional visitors

  • Business Opportunities

To find opportunities for international cooperation within the framework of your goals and vision.

  • Wide Market

To explore your export potential and to expand your export market

  • Potential

To meet with hundreds of potential customers in just 3 days