History of Canned Tastes

The fruit and vegetable processing industry in Türkiye was established in the early 1900s and showed significant developments during the planned development period.

The sector mainly consists of pickles, temporary canned vegetables, and canned fruit and vegetable production. Canning production plants are concentrated in the Aegean and Marmara regions in number and capacity due to the raw materials needed by the industry being more abundant and higher in quality there.
Tastes from Türkiye

A third of the fruits and vegetables exported from Türkiye are canned products. According to 2019 data, it has taken its place in the world market with exports of $542 million. Approximately 25% of its total exports were to Iraq, while 50% were to Germany, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. The remaining exports are split between 141 countries. Prominent sectors in canned products are the tomato paste and pickle sectors.

The best of the storage methods have now enabled us to have a significant share in global trade. Türkiye is the 6th largest in the world with a 5.5% share in tomato paste exports valued at $161 million. We also export $85 million worth of cucumbers and corniche pickles to 104 countries.