Famous Sector

The sugar and chocolate confectionery sector are one of the most dynamic sectors in Türkiye, due to several factors, such as a rapidly growing and young population with a growing demand for chocolate with toys.

The sector develops distribution channels, advertisements, new product developments, and increases multinational investments. The sector has become one of the most important subsectors of the food industry using modern technology. This sector is historically based on the production of traditional Turkish confectionery products such as Turkish delight and halva. With its production volume, sales power, product variety, and distribution capacity, our country is a pioneer in many segments. Turkish exporters are highly equipped to meet international standards and consumer preferences. The Turkish food industry has important export opportunities due to the diverse agricultural products available in the country. As a result, it’s chocolate and confectionery industry are integrated with the world economy.
Famous Ingredients

Türkiye has the advantage of being self-sufficient and being the source of some of the main confectionery ingredients. It is also in a very advantageous situation due to the monopoly it has in the world production of dried fruits (dried apricots, raisins) and edible nuts (hazelnuts, pistachios). The hazelnut, in particular, is now one of the basic ingredients widely used in the confectionery sector.
Turkish pistachios are also used in the production of Turkish delight, halva, chocolate, and Turkish sultanas (raisins) are used in the production of various cakes, biscuits, and confectionery products. The advantage of being a producer and supplier of many agricultural products combined with high technology has increased product variety in the industry.