Sources of Türkiye

Türkiye has distinct importance in terms of flora, fauna, and aquaculture due to its rivers and ecological diversity. It produces over 50 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables per year and exports to 140 countries.

These numbers have increased and continue to increase every year. Our country is one of the rare countries where fruit and vegetables can grow in good conditions and quality thanks to the wide and productive agricultural areas available for production and the ecological differences of different regions. The suitable climatic conditions and fertile lands allow for the production of agricultural products with quality, quantity, and variety. Türkiye has always been an important land for fruits and vegetable production thanks to the Mediterranean climate. Especially the Mediterranean and Aegean region and also Bursa are suitable for growing many agricultural products. The most important export products are tomatoes, cherries, grapes, peppers and pomegranates.  
Source of Standards

The packaging of the products and the storage (cooling, atmosphere controlled cold air, modern packaging facilities) are performed with the latest technology and transported with the appropriate tools and conditions for the market.

During the preparation of the product for export from the garden to the field, all kinds of quality systems aimed at ensuring product safety are carefully controlled by the representatives of the European inspection companies and the necessary certification (HACCP, EUREPGAP, ISO, etc.) process is carried out.