Craftsmanship from Türkiye

While there are almost no sectors left where glass is not used today, the areas of use are increasing rapidly to an extent that is hard to imagine.

Glass is a miraculous material that can be recycled infinitely and protects our world and our country. It functions as a healthy container to consume our drinks from, saves us money and energy in the form of windows, and provides aesthetic and comfort to our lives. The glass sector of Türkiye adds value to the comfort and aesthetics of life with its environmentally friendly and innovative products by using the most advanced technologies in the world for its production. The glass sector of Türkiye stands out as a sector with capital and is an energy-intensive and high capacity sector, providing the country with a production value of $2.3 billion and providing jobs to 50 thousand employees.
Sustainable Art

Glass, which can be recycled infinitely, supports sustainability. Glass packaging is aesthetic and energy-saving in addition to being healthy. It is not possible for glass to react with food and to be corroded. It is impervious to all gases and vapors. For this reason, glass is the most reliable among the packaging materials available on the market when it comes to preventing the transition of chemicals to food and beverages.

It is widely used in the beverage and pharmaceutical sectors as it protects products against external influences and does not change their taste and content. Türkiye is continuously developing its glass sector with the aim of leaving a more livable world for future generations.