Where the Flavors Come From

Türkiye is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of agricultural and horticultural production with an ever-increasing market share.

The main reason that makes Türkiye strong and advantageous in the agriculture and horticulture sector is its strategic and geographical position. In addition to the rich biodiversity and suitable climatic conditions that enable the production of many kinds of fruits, It’s proximity to the Mediterranean, Euro-Siberian and Irano-Turanian regions provides strength in terms of commercial activity as well.
Natural Power

Besides environmental and geographical privileges, the most important power of Türkiye that ensures its agricultural potential and differentiates it from other markets in the world as a global supplier is sustainability in terms of agricultural production, fruit & fruit juice quality, and trusted business models.

Our country fulfills its responsibility to the world’s next generations by investing in agriculture and agriculture-based industries that preserve the ecological balance with social, economic, and environmental sustainability achieved through increasing the capabilities of local farmers and dedicated industry players and by having a positive approach to agriculture at a large.