Industrial Strength

Turkish Metals Sector aims to not only introduce a brand new option to the World, but also to share the vision of sustainable future. Türkiye is the strongest with more than 8.000 metal related products exporting company portfolio among its neighboring countries.

In the past few years, domestic producers have tended to create new products and create an innovative supply chain due to the decrease in raw material prices and the economic imbalance in the export markets. It is known worldwide and has metal producers with high export potential.
Aluminum Strength

The Turkish aluminum sector employs approximately 30.000 people with a revenue of $4 billion and an investment potential of $20 billion. The sector ranks first in the Turkish ferrous and non-ferrous metals market with a 36% share of its exports. The aluminum industry deals with export activities in more than 180 countries all around the world. 

The sector’s exports have reached $3.07 billion in 2019, a 4.16% increase over the year before. The aluminum industry in Türkiye has made the right designs with its experienced workers, has put forth quality products that are environment-friendly according to international standards, and has become a preferred industry by many sectors and countries. To promote the aluminum industry activities are undertaken such as researches, publications, advertisements abroad, the organization of fairs, buying missions, trade missions, and professional meetings. According to IDDMIB (Istanbul Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals Exporters’ Association) export data, the average sales price of the products was $3.34/kg and the added value was $1.52/kg for profiles, $0.64/kg for plates, $1.03/kg for foil, and $3.81/kg for construction materials. Profiles, plates, sheets, strips, construction materials, foils, and stranded wire are primarily export products within the industry.