An Aromatic Drink from Türkiye

It is estimated that more than 240 million cups of tea are consumed daily. Türkiye, which attaches great importance to tea from a socio-cultural perspective, ranks 7th in terms of the width of tea farming areas in the world and 6th in dry tea production with an average of 297,000 tons of dry tea produced per year.

Tea farming in Türkiye started in the early years of the Turkish Republic in order to create a livelihood for the people living in the Eastern Black Sea region and to meet the demand for tea in the country. It then became the region’s most basic source of livelihood and employment potential, with many years of encouragement and support practices by the state. Tea agriculture is currently performed in the Eastern Black Sea region which hosts the Rize, Trabzon, Artvin, and Giresun provinces, where the tea production industry can also be found.
The Highest Quality Aroma

The most important affair of the Turkish tea industry is prioritizing the reliability of the products presented to the market. Reliable food means that the food is purified to the highest level of physical, chemical, and biological factors and meets the criteria set by legislation.

In order to protect consumer interests and prevent unfair competition, quality criteria are also included in many regulations. The Tea Community also has important quality criteria for both black tea and green tea.