Oriental Tobaccos from Türkiye

Türkiye is the top producing country of oriental tobacco which is the essential ingredient for American blend cigarettes due to its aromatic taste and smell.

With more than 50 thousand contracted and specialized farmers, the highest quality orientals are grown under special conditions, unique to the areas in which the companies operate. The combination of seed-type and growing practices create the aroma in the leaf, which is much smaller than other main varieties of tobacco. All oriental tobacco is cured using natural sunlight only, in specially designed curing frames.
Oriental Tastes

The name “Turkish” refers to the Ottoman Empire, which ruled the historic tobacco production areas until the early 20th century. Oriental tobacco or Turkish tobacco is the smallest and most resistant of the three plant varieties.

As the name suggests, it thrives particularly well in hot areas such as Türkiye and the Middle East. These conditions and the high planting density, combined with a corresponding variety of Turkish tobacco, produce an aromatic smoking flavor which is very mild with a slightly sweet and highly aromatic taste.