The Homeland of the Towel

Türkiye is one of the most important suppliers of towels in the world. The Turkish towel industry, where special weaving techniques and high-quality Turkish cotton are used, is also a cultural heritage of the Turkish bath traditions that have been maintained for centuries. The majority of Turkish towel exports are carried out from Denizli and the Turkish towel is a brand in its own right, with studies prioritizing quality and design. Towel producers are one of the main suppliers in sectors such as tourism and health. 

With an annual towel export of approximately $600 million, it has an 8.5% share of the world’s total towel exports, which are valued at $7 billion. Türkiye is the 4th largest towel exporter in the world. The Turkish towel sector, which is highly specialized in factors such as quality, durability, comfort, and aesthetics is preferred by global consumers.

National Advantages
There is no doubt that our country is world-famous in the field of textiles. The culture pertaining to towels, which emerged as a result of the traditions of the Turks and the production possibilities of the Anatolian geography, holds an important place in Türkiye’s daily life and in industrial terms.

Towel production around the world is based on the history of Turkish towel weaving and has become specialized accordingly. In our country two cities, in particular, come to the fore when it comes to the production of towels, Bursa and Denizli. These cities, known for their textile production, are very advanced in towel production and branding.