Country of Forests

The Anatolian Region is a major trade hub with respect to its quality forest resources, commerce network, ports, land and airway connections, and high export potential.

Türkiye, thanks to its climate, has the highest quality forest on its landscape and ranks 4th by forest area in Europe. We are aiming at boosting this regional and natural capacity for wood products. Wood products, which can be described as the outstanding items of the forestry sector, a featured branch of the Turkish industry, comes to the fore with its volume of workplaces and employment opportunities. Our firms are reliable and long-established institutions that are capable of manufacturing and delivering high-quality wooden products under international standards and in line with desired sizes in a timely manner.
Products from Forests

The Turkish wood industry guarantees the timely delivery of eco-friendly wood products of the best quality and appropriate use of raw materials in accordance with global certification criteria.

Producers of long-life, durable, and eco-friendly wood products originating in Türkiye are seeking to be your powerful business partner!


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