Minerals from Türkiye

Around 70 types of mines are found in Türkiye. According to MTA data, our country is ranked 28th among 132 countries in the world in terms of total mine production value and is ranked 10th in terms of mineral diversity.

Boron minerals are placed at the top among the mineral reserves in Türkiye and constitute 72% of the world’s reserves.
Variety of Minerals

Besides boron, Türkiye is quite rich in trona (natural soda ash), rock salt, sodium sulfate, perlite, pumice, feldspar, bentonite, barite, magnesite, gypsum, strontium salts, zeolite, sepiolite, marble, and natural stone.

It has quartz, quartzite, sandstone as industrial raw materials, and raw materials used for energy like coal and metallic minerals such as bauxite and chrome are the rich resources our country consists has as its main minerals. Türkiye can be considered to be among the few countries that are self-sufficient in terms of mineral resources and diversity.


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